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Play Classic Billiards Games on Your Device

Fans of billiards are in for a treat with this game app. 8 Ball Pool – Billiards offers a convenient way for games to play an 8-ball pool game. It is a free-to-download sports game app that allows billiards enthusiasts to hone their skills as they play against time and a virtual player. This app is also a perfect way to introduce the classic game to billiard newbies. 


As with the real 8-ball pool game, 8 Ball Pool – Billiards comes with 17 balls, composed of one white ball, seven, numbered striped balls, seven, numbered solid-colored balls, and one black ball. It also comes with a virtual pool cue that you can control to shoot the balls inside the side pockets. 

The game app follows the rules of an 8-ball pool game. Players can choose whether they want to play with the solid balls or the striped balls. They would need to pocket each of the numbered balls in chronological order before they can pocket the black ball. A player would need to use the white ball, also known as the cue ball, to break the rack to start the game. To do, you only need to aim at the lined-up balls and knock the cue ball into it to break them apart. 

Your game ends when you have pocketed all your chosen balls and the black ball. If you accidentally pocketed your opponent’s ball, then your turn ends. Your turn will also end when you shot the black ball. You can only legally shoot the black ball once you have all the other numbered balls in your group has been pocketed. 

Billiards on Screen

8 Ball Pool – Billiards promises a fun and exciting game of billiards, every time. It flaunts cool and vividly colored graphics that are good enough to help you play easily.  The pool table offers an overhead view, so you can easily see where the balls are. You operate the cue by swiping it around the cue ball depending on the direction you wanted to hit. To hit the cue ball, you simply need to pull back and release your hold on the pool cue.

The game comes with two modes. The time mode which challenges you to pocket all balls in your group for a certain time period, and the one-on-one mode where you play against a virtual player. 

8 Ball Pool – Billiards also comes with a nice sound effect, giving you a realistic pool hall feel. 

A Pool Game Worth Playing

8 Ball Pool – Billiards is a nice game app for billiard fanatics. It gives you the pleasure of playing the sport without the need to get out of your home or spending money on billiards equipment. The game is easy to understand, and the graphics are nice and can help you enjoy the gameplay. And while it does come with fewer game modes, the game app is enough to help you pass the time and kill your boredom. 


  • Easy to Understand Gameplay
  • Nice Graphics
  • Incredible Sounds
  • Suitable for All Ages


  • Not Much In-Game Variety
  • Does Not Allows You to Challenge Other Players
  • No Tournament Mode
  • Can Be a Little Sensitive on the Mouse

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8 Ball Pool - Billiards for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.2
  • (73)
  • Security Status

User reviews about 8 Ball Pool - Billiards

  • Kuppuswamy Sivaraman

    by Kuppuswamy Sivaraman

    yes its superb easy to play this billiards and thanks to softonic


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